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"Bookey Peek's wonderful series of books "Stories from an African Wildlife Sanctuary" have won the hearts of thousands of readers from all over the world.

Getting to know Stone Hills and the iconic, quirky, endearing wildlife, both rescued and free, living on Stone Hills through her rich descriptions and empathetic view has made the sanctuary come alive for readers.

Many of you know Bookey, her husband Rich and son David through the pages of her books. She has bought us the story of Poombi, Badge and other delightful mischievous critters.

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 ‘You’re crazy…she’ll take over and shove us out.  I can just see this place in winter, no carpets, acres of wet newspaper underfoot, family huddled under blankets while the pig hogs the fire.’

Richard and Bookey Peek hadn’t planned on a warthog, any more than one would plan a tidal wave, a tornado or triplets, but on Stone Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, natural disasters have a way of happening when you least expect them.

Through Zimbabwe’s darkest hours, Stone Hills has become a
world in itself, a place where you might share your shower with an owl or your bed with a baby squirrel.  Take a fresh look at the hospitality game with a couple whose crocodiles are named after unpopular guests.  And follow the barefoot young David and his playmate, the warthog Poombi, as she relinquishes her place on the sofa to return to the wild – much to her indignation.

Engaging and delightfully readable, this is a testament to one family’s passion for Africa’s wildlife and their conviction that nothing can change the essential nature of the land and its people.   

All the Way Home is the exhilarating and intensely moving story of a fiercely protected piece of Africa in the heart of the majestic Matobo Hills.

“This isn’t just an enchanting story, it is a celebration of what makes Africa such a unique continent…it will warm your heart with as good a tale from the bush as I have read in a long time”.  Jonathan Scott

“Delightful – I defy anyone not to be deeply moved.” Desmond Morris

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 ‘We Africans,’ said Khanye, rapidly backing away from the beady-eyed cub at my feet, ‘are far more frightened of meeting a honey badger in the bush than a lion!’

Following on from the highly acclaimed All the Way Home, here is a brand new volume of unforgettable adventures  from Richard and Bookey Peek’s wildlife sanctuary among Zimbabwe’s ancient Matobo Hills.  Packed with anecdote and adventure, Wild Honey leads us back to the Stone Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, where comedy, tragedy and the extraordinary antics of the most misunderstood animal in the world make every day unforgettable.

In these troubled times, Stone Hills has become more than a sanctuary.  As thousands of farms all over Zimbabwe are invaded, often violently, under the Government’s disastrous land policy, Stone Hills is now an island racked by the turbulence that surrounds it.   How much longer can they hold on?

‘There is something here of Gerald Durrell’s My Family and other Animals, but through the hilarity, Bookey Peek never hides her commitment to the natural world, and her heart-stopping love of Africa.

Bookey Peek writes lyrically, funnily, passionately, rudely, spellbindingly.  And what a story she has to tell.”
Matthew Parris.  The Times.

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‘For all its wild beauty, the Matobo Hills is a friendly place.  Of course, there’s always the chance one might step on a puff adder or meet a wounded leopard, but these are unlikely occurrences, and the joy in my serendipitous wandering was well worth any minor risk.  And then along came a honey badger, touted as the most fearless animal in the world: one to whom Trouble and Danger are the very stuff of life.  He is totally unreasonable.  He hates peace and quiet – he’s a one-man street gang, the Mafia Boss, the executioner waiting at the scaffold with a great grin on his face.  Trouble?  Bring it on.  I’m ready.’

In this third book of the Stone Hills trilogy, Badger grows up and launches himself into the world of dangerous snakes, angry bees and deadly scorpions with his family in anxious attendance.  Once again, the stories range widely, from witchcraft and wilderness, to pygmy cannibals and the torrid romancing of the red-backed toad.

But laughter and tears are never very far apart in Zimbabwe, not least when a small badger leaves home and makes his way into his own, perilous world.

‘Discover some fascinating natural history, share life-defining moments with friends and families, and feel a country in the throes of transformation.  An enchanting, bittersweet book and a character who will become one of the best-loved in the animal kingdom.’

‘A marvellous book.  It is not only about the smiles and tears that come with living with African wildlife but importantly, it is also a compelling insight into life in Zimbabwe today.’

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"Badge" the indomitable Honey Badger is star of Richard's National Geographic TV Documentary "Honey Badger: Raising Hell". Bookey tells his story in two of her books:  Wild Honey and Beyond the Wild Wood.  

The DVD is now out of production but you may be lucky enough to see it in-store in Southern Africa, or buy it second-hand online or by contacting National Geographic direct.