Friday, 1 November 2013


Sometimes October brings early rain – but not this year.  The veld is so dry that when a bolt of lighting struck around 300 metres from the house last week, it sparked off a grass fire.  Luckily, though, there was no wind that day and it was brought under control very quickly by some very skilled (and quick to action) visitors and sanctuary staff. We know there have been good rains to the South East of us in Maputo, South Africa... We can almost smell it, let us hope for a reprieve from this prolonged drought.

Here are our visiting fire fighters.   Damien Mander (of the International Anti-Poaching Foundation), his wife Maria and baby Leo, plus two other members of his team had just arrived for a night's stay when the fire started.   Together with Rich and our crew, they got stuck straight in - wielding blowers and beaters - and helped us to avert a catastrophe.
Thanks, guys!


Food is still arriving – another 30 tonnes last week, and the animals learned very quickly to wait for deliveries at the feeding stations all over the sanctuary (with the exception of our consistently uncooperative sable).

What still amazes us is that the money we raised, (plus the donations of feed from Centra and Mac Crawford), is just the right amount needed to buy food till the end of the month. We calculated according to what we 'thought' we'd need - an educated guess, really. And it is exactly right. 

Thanks again to all those who made this possible.  

Photos by Richard Peek (c)