Saturday, 5 October 2013


Zoe "life" in Greek has regained condition and health thanks to the feeding regimen.
Two and half months ago, this kudu cow was close to death – we could hear a nasty bubbling sound coming from her lungs, from starvation or perhaps pneumonia.  In a spirit of optimism, we called her Zoe (“life” in Greek) but we didn’t expect her to survive for very long.  Fortunately, the calf in the photo wasn’t hers, as she could never have sustained him.  We even contemplated putting her out of her misery – but thank goodness we didn’t!

Here is Zoe today – not fat by any means, but 100% improved.  Her coat shines, and she’s one of the first at the food, butting away the other females.
Thanks to all who donated to the appeal, Zoe is doing wonderfully well, as are so many of our animals,  who would otherwise be struggling to survive.

Zoe in July before we started supplementary feeding