Wednesday, 25 September 2013


If we ever wondered in the past whether we, and others running similar projects, were alone in our dedication to wildlife and its preservation, we are wondering no longer.

Thanks to the power of Facebook – we have now discovered that there are hundreds of you who feel exactly the same as we do – and what a wonderful revelation that has been. 

People show their support in so many ways – some make donations, some donate their time and expertise, others give unstinting support and encouragement by passing the message all around the world.

Kaye and orphan baboon Betty at Chipembele
Our friends Jude and Kaye from Australia have done a lot for wildlife over the years, and helped us raise the funds for the drought appeal.

We met them first in 2011 when we visited our friends Anna and Steve Tolan at Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust in Zambia's South Luangwa Valley.

Jude and Kaye were there on their own account working to raise awareness about all that Chipembele had achieved in their (then) 10 years of operation. 

Since then we have become firm friends and they have contributed with assistance to a range of projects, campaigns and fundraisers. 

Their unstinting help to raise the funds for our drought appeal was invaluable, we couldn't have done it with out them.

And it’s not just these two who make a difference, although we believe they are unique, it is the people who write to us and those who have made donations to help us feed the animals. It is the advice, camaraderie and encouragement received through Facebook and in emails, and the amazing community spirit we have been so privileged to be part of. The Final Tally and Thanks names the donors, but what it doesn’t do is adequately state our deep and abiding gratitude and feelings of respect for you all.

Postscript:  A special thanks to Ken Goosen (or Sir Kenneth, as he likes to be called).  Inventor, artist, poet and probably the most practical man on earth (and he has some serious competition from Rich!)  Always on the look out for ways to assist, Ken has provided new feeding drums for the giraffe and countless other items and helpful advice over the years.