Friday, 6 September 2013


The lengthy and expensive process of buying in and distributing feed all over the sanctuary is in progress.  What a joy it is to see our animals crowding in for  food that people from all over the world have helped us to provide.  We would never have been able to do this without your help.

We have now received 22 tonnes of mixed game blocks, lucerne, beef survival ration and cotton cake, which is being stored in our old manager’s cottage – out of reach of marauding baboons (until one of them figures out how to pick the locks).

All of these contain as much as 30% protein -  essential to enable the animals to digest dry matter, which has very little nutritive value, but is all that now remains on the veld.

We are working on distributing 750kg a day at ten points around the sanctuary, using mostly on flat rocks to keep it out of the dust and avoid erosion.  First, we put down a base of dry grass and molasses, and then spread the feed on top of it.

 Our eland will be calving shortly, so maintaining their condition is a priority.
With the money already raised – over $11 thousand dollars  (still can’t believe it!) - plus the very generous donations of feed from Centra/Front Line Farming and Mac Crawford, we are now able to reach animals in every part of the sanctuary.

We need only another 15 tonnes to hit our target of 68 tonnes - something that seemed at first to be an impossible dream, but thanks to your generosity and overwhelming support, is now very nearly a reality.

15 tonnes will cost US$4,500 – and this will take us through to the end of November, by which time we are assured by those in the know that the life-giving rains we so desperately need will have arrived.
Please, if you can spare it, keep helping us to ensure that Stone Hills’ wildlife survives.

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