Friday, 23 August 2013

All creatures great and small

Rock elephant shrews are insectivores with a penchant for pumpkin cake and a passion for mealworms.  If we are not on time with their daily rations, they come and find us - wherever we are.  We've had them staring up at us as we were lying on the bed, jumping up on the arm of the sofa, and even waiting impatiently, arms folded, outside the loo.

Then there's the little spiny mouse who used to nibble Rich's toes to remind him to put out the pumpkin seeds.   And the Tiny fat mouse whom we don't yet know personally,  but whose name is irresistible.

We've raised and released numerous bush squirrels - each one of them adorable and a very different character.  They're also having a tough time with the drought,  but we have a good supply of seeds and mealworms that should see them through.  Every one of them is important!